Astrabon Maldives Our long-lasting utensils, crystal clear glassware and pristine cookware are selected from the top hotel product exhibitions in Europe which we visit annually, thus our product portfolio provides a vast collection of brands including Pujadas, Vicrila, Arvan , Carttec , Jay cutlery from Spain, Bron Coucke , Santos and MATFER from France, Tango , Bartuff, from Australia, Felix Solingen, Giesser Messer, Newmaker, Bartscher , from Germany, GCS, from USA , and Agneli, delongi, Eme, Rivolta, from Italy, and Athena from the United kingdom, Rak porcelain, From Dubai, Gural, from Turkey, as well as Baralee ceramic, from Thailand As an exclusive distributor to the Maldives, numerous luxury resorts and hotels in the archipelago are being supplied with our immaculate collection in hotel ware, where we cater to around 95% of our country’s tourist accommodations. Thus, Astrabon products are all certified in ISO and NFS, complying with international health and hygiene standards, to ensure that our buyers receive excellent quality. Receiving title as one the leading supplier giants in the Maldives, our range has extended to fulfill many other needs of room appliances, such as housekeeping, Airports, Buffet ware , Restaurants , Café A recently we have added on our services and facilities like air conditions and washing machines, We hope our entrusted, hospitable staff here in Astrabon make your experience with us of ease and convenience and keep our products as long lasting