About Us

Privileged Card is conceptualized and developed by Privileged Maldives. This company is based in Maldives and has pioneered in the field of concept marketing and customer loyalty programs. The key to any Loyalty Program concept has always been a simplicity of the use and benefit to end consumer to keep up buying and usage of the products and services through the Privileged Card.

Privileged Maldives is designed by the blending of 3 major aspects; Local Businesses, Distinctive Locals, Tourists and Local Talents in Maldives. This is an online business platform which promotes all local businesses by creating an international presence and by providing benefits to local people and tourists. The platform also encourages upcoming new talents in all horizons.

The Vision of the company is very specific and has 3 major directions

  • To Promote the Local Businesses and create International Presence in the market.
  • To provide maximum benefits in the form of discounts, offers and rewards for the locals, expats and tourists by buying goods and services from Local Businesses.
  • To support and groom local talents in various fields such as dancing, music, arts, sports etc..