Terms of Use

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context specifies otherwise:

1. Privileged.mv , means "Privileged Maldives"including its successors, assigns and representatives.

2. "Privilege Card" means a multi-service package Virtual card issued to Privilege Members by Privileged Maldives where a unique membership number is given to every Privilege member.

3. "Privilege Member(s)” means a Privilege customer, who is enrolled as a member of Privilege Maldives program holding a valid Privilege card/membership number. Membership to the program is governed by the rules set by Privileged Maldives for the program, which are subject to change.

4. "Privilege Membership Account/Privilege Membership” means the account where the Privilege Member's can see the offers and Privileges they are offered by Privileged Partners.

5. Privileged Member can enjoy discounts with all our registered Privileged Partners and while enjoying the discounts they can gather Redeemable Points.

6. Privileged Members Have to login into their account in order to get the benefits.

7. If they are at any privileged Partner store or café they can show them their membership virtual card and can scan the Privileged Partner Qr code and enter the Invoice number and amount.

8. The Transaction added by the Privileged Member will be approved by the Partner and once its approved the member shall receive the Redeemable Points.

9. This Redeemable Points will be utilized by them after they reach to certain Level, that Privileged Maldives shall declare and they can buy anything from the Privileged Maldives store.

10. "Privileged Maldives" shall mean direct corporate website http://www.privileged.mv or independent third party responsible for the sale of the Privilege Service Package to the Privilege Members.

11. "Working Days” means the period from Sunday to Thursday and from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

1. The Privileged Member agrees that by getting the membership number or by having the membership on the name, he/she is deemed to have understood the terms and conditions of the program and agrees to be contacted by the privileged Maldives Office or its representatives for the purpose of any update, processing business, and confirms that he/she is bound by these terms and conditions and changes to it from time to time and such other terms as specified from Privileged Maldives from time to time.

2. The privileged member is liable to update each transaction every time he enjoys the benefit from the Privileged partners in the form of offers, discounts and sale.

3. The Privileged member has to update correct invoice number along with the amount in order to get the transactions approved from the vendor.

4. Once the transactions are approved the privileged members shall get the redeemable points which can be further utilized for redeeming online from the store of Privileged.mv

5. In case of transaction rejection by the vendor, the privileged member can claim the transaction with valid vendor invoice or payment proof in order to justify the transaction, under such circumstances Privileged Maldives will look in to the matter and will check with the Privileged Partner and update.

6. No redeemable points shall be given if the transactions are not recorded by the member online.

7. Members cannot transfer the membership as the membership is non transferable and non sellable.

8. Members punching wrong transactions and multiple rejections from Privileged Partners may suspend the membership until the proper justification is provided by the member for the same.

9. Any misuse of this card my lead to termination of the membership, without any further notice will be terminated with immediate effect.

10. Privileged Maldives holds every right to terminate the membership and cannot be challenged at any point of time, if any mis use is found on the same membership.

11. Membership for locals and expats are free and will be given on first come and first serve basis, from the website of Privileged.mv

12. Membership into Privileged Maldives is voluntary and hence member can anytime surrender its membership with prior 30 days notice to terminate the membership to privileged Maldives in the form of mail from its registered email id.

13. Privileged Maldives reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions and such changes shall be deemed effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms and Conditions on www.privileged.mv Members’ continued holding of the Privilege Membership Account following the posting of changes on www.privileged.mv will indicate their acceptance for changes.

14. Privilege membership registration is valid for the 1 year from the start of your service month to the Privilege Members unless terminated in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Privilege membership registration allows members to purchase specific service packages as offered by Privileged Maldives from time to time.

15. Privilege Membership Account is not a payment medium or payment instrument.

16. Privilege Membership is non-transferable, except as specified in the Terms and Conditions. Privilege Services are non-negotiable, non-redeemable by cash and cannot be gifted, awarded or rewarded to any person other than the Privilege Member himself.

17. Privilege Members will be personally liable for any and all costs, taxes, charges, claims or liabilities of whatever nature arising from the provision or availability of benefits, facilities or arrangements provided or made available to a Privilege Member, by Privilege Partners, as a result of his/her membership in the Program. The Privilege Member shall indemnify and hold Privileged Maldives, its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint venture partners and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney’s fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Program or violation by the Privilege Member of any law of any country or the rights of a third party.

18. The Privilege card at all times remains the property of Privileged Maldives, which reserves the right, at any time in its absolute discretion and without giving notice to such member, to deactivate the Privilege Membership.

19. Privileged Maldives will Endeavour to ensure that the services, benefits, facilities and arrangements as expressed or advertised by the Privilege Partners will be available to the Privilege Members. However, Privileged Maldives will not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, arising from the provision or non-provision, whether whole or part, of any such services, benefits, facilities or any other arrangements by the Privilege Partners.

20. When a Privilege Member seeks to use or obtain any of the services, benefits, facilities and arrangements as offered by the Privilege Partner, the provisions of such services, benefits, facilities or arrangements will be subject to the respective Terms and Conditions of the Privilege Partner, being the provider of the said benefits, facilities and arrangements.

21. Privileged Maldives shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of the Program or any of its facilities, benefits or arrangements, including without limitation, Privilege Partner's withdrawal or the withdrawal or limiting of any such services, benefits or facilities, which are made available to the Privilege Members.

22. The Program of Privilege may be modified at the sole discretion of Privileged Maldives from time to time without intimation to the Privilege Member.

23. Privileged Maldives shall not be liable in the event it fails to fulfill any of its obligations under the Terms and Conditions due to flood, earthquake, storm, cyclone or any other acts of God or acts of similar nature, war, strike, lockout, or governmental or judicial or quasi-judicial policies/intervention/direction /prohibition or change in law, or for any other reasons beyond its control.

24. If there is any change in the contact details (mobile number/email ID/address) of a Privilege member, from what has been registered with Privilege, the member must update the respective contact details with Privilege immediately either through the Privilege website, contact centre or any other channels to avoid any misuse of Privilege services. Privileged Maldives shall not be liable for any loss of services or other relevant damages incurred by the member, if necessary details are not updated with Privileged.mv on time.

25. All Privilege Service(s) dispute complaints older than 45 Working Days from the date of the transaction will not be entertained. The Privilege Member must provide proof of transaction as required to register any Privilege Service(s) dispute.

26. The Privilege Member acknowledges and understands that Privilege is merely an intermediary and does not assume any liability or acquire any right, title or interest in the Service(s). Privileged Maldives program is only engaged in the management of the Services displayed in the Privilege Service Package Catalogue; however, all the Services offered by the Privileged Maldives and Partners to the Members directly are subject to availability.

By using his/her Privilege Card and/or stating his/her Privileged Maldives membership number to Privileged Maldives and/or any Privilege Partners, a Privilege Member grants his/her consent to Privileged Maldives for creating, storing, maintaining, processing and updating the Privilege Member’s personal data. Such data shall include membership data (like name, address, telephone number, mobile number, date of birth, areas of interest, preferences etc. as provided by the Privilege Member), usage data (including without limitation, transactions and Privilege Service(s) accrued at various Privilege Network and Privilege Partners, etc.), and data concerning contacts with Privileged Maldives (including without limitation, enquiry regarding membership) for the purpose of providing relevant information and customer services to the Privilege Member in connection with the Program. All data relating to the Privilege Members shall be protected and used by Privileged Maldives in the manner as indicated in Privileged Maldives Privacy Policy. Provision of personal information is voluntary. Please note, however, that a refusal to provide personal information may limit or affect ability of Privileged Maldives membership to provide the membership services.

Termination Of Privileged Maldives Program Membership

1. Privileged Maldives program member may terminate his/her Privilege membership by calling ‘Privileged Maldives Contact Centre’ and requesting for the termination. The Privilege Member shall provide the required credentials vis-a-vis customer information already provided by the Privilege Member.

2. If any member wishes to terminate the membership immediately after availing or after a certain period of time, in any case the same is terminated within 30 days.

3. Misuse of the Privilege card or the membership benefits may result in termination of the membership or withdrawal of benefits at the sole discretion of Privileged Maldives.

4. Disqualification of Privileged Maldives Membership, arising out of his/her misconduct, fraud and misuse of Privilege Service(s) or acts in a manner inconsistent with any central/state/local laws, statutes or ordinances, may result in immediate termination of Privilege membership and cancellation of all Privilege Service(s). Any Privilege Member, so disqualified, shall not be entitled to redeem his Privilege Service(s) after such disqualification.

5. Upon the death of a Privilege Member, his/her Privilege membership account will be closed and all outstanding Privilege Service(s) will expire.