Frequently Asked Questions

Privilege Card is a customer benefit for Privileged members offering unbeatable and exclusive discounts at most of the restaurants, Cafe's, health clubs, beauty chains, entertainment and a lot more.

No, this card is for everyone in order to get extra benefits and discounts which is applicable to all our Privileged Partners

It provides you discounts and special offers which range from 5% upto 40% off

Simply open your account and Flash your personal Digital card & Avail discounts, then Scan the vendor code where ever you go and update invoice number and amount and get redeemable points.

Registering with us enables you to be a part of our privilege family and enjoy all the benefits like discounts on all our Privilege Partners.

All merchants are in written agreement with us and have agreed to honor your card ? In the unusual event that this does not happen, please contact us at our customer care.

You can use everytime and get the benefit till the expiry of the card.

It's Validity is for 1 year from the day you activate your card.

Please login from your mobile on our webiste and & you will get all the info with offers ruuning at all our Privileged Partners, you can browse category wise and even check for special offers.

No, at Privilege Card, we value your privacy a lot, although you will get monthly update on offers once.

No, you will have to re-activate the card every year, and you can decide to renew it, before that time.

Genrally it will get activated within maximum 24 hours.

You can mail us directly or register with us as a vendor and connect to our Commercial Team.

Because of the way billing systems are built in most locations, it is important that you declare having the Privilege Card before you get your bill.

We at Privilege Card take very stringent measures to ensure that we provide offers of only high quality merchant locations. However, it is tough for us to ensure product quality at our partner stores, and we encourage you to contact the merchant directly about the issue.

We maintain very high levels of privacy in our systems. Your personal information is secure with us, and will not be sold to any third party without your explicit permission.

After using each time the card you need to update the invoice numebr and invoiced amount from your login to get reward points.

You will get the discount on the Privileged Partners but you wont get any rewards points if you don’t upload it.